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Ready for 2020? Radio is.

When the radio was first invented, the year 2020 must have seemed so distant. A future filled with technology beyond our wildest dreams - technology that would surely replace radio. Well, here we are! And we do have life-changing technology at our fingertips like our smartphones, AirPods, voice assistants and smart speakers. Do you know what else we still use on a daily basis in 2020? Radio! Thanks to its consistently massive reach and a renewed interest in audio, radio has thrived in an era of intense change. Radio is still the #1 reach medium, and has held its top position consistently for 16 quarters. Moreover, mobile devices, streaming, and podcasts have fueled the demand for content tha

PRESS: Cabana Expands Portfolio with Two New Podcasts: “Voices for Justice” and “ONE Extraordinary M

New York, NY – January 7, 2020 – cabana starts the new decade by adding two new titles to its portfolio: Voices for Justice, a true crime podcast that seeks justice, and ONE Extraordinary Marriage, which emphasizes the importance of an intimate lifestyle for couples. Voices for Justice is hosted by Sarah Turney, whose sister Alissa went missing in 2001. The first season of Voices for Justice focuses on what happened to Alissa, including that the sisters’ father was - and is - labeled the only ‘person of interest’ by the police. New seasons will spotlight other true crime stories, particularly ones whose families and/or friends are actively seeking truth and justice. Tony and Alisa DiLorenzo,


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