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The Clock is Running Out: Don’t Miss These Q4 Sports Opportunities

Between Sunday, Monday, and Thursday night football, the NASCAR playoffs, and the start of basketball season, Q4 is undoubtedly an active time of year for sports fans. From play-by-play coverage to expert analysis and fantasy picks, our lineup of audio sports programming will be home base for millions of consumers who want - scratch that, need - to stay informed. 2019 is swiftly coming to a close, but there are still opportunities to get in front of these listeners before the clock runs out. A Touchdown with Touchdown Radio After this weekend, just four regular-season games are left on Touchdown Radio’s schedule. And these games will be HUGE, featuring matchups with top 20 teams including #1

Radio Remains Resilient and Reliable Opportunity for Brands

Moves toward consumer privacy like GDPR, increased scrutiny of Facebook and Google’s ad practices, and the potential disappearance of likes on Instagram will force marketers to change their tactics. Despite the media upheaval in our near future, radio continues to deliver a resilient platform that advertisers can count on. In an IFPI Music Listening Report, which examines the listening habits of people around the world, one stat caught our eye. SOURCE: IFPI MUSIC LISTENING REPORT, 2019 Smartphones are catching up, but the global share of music listening on the radio is 29%. Despite the wealth of technology we have at our fingertips and in our homes, radio is still the leading hardware for li


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