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Start Your Engines - The New NASCAR Season is Here; Why Your Brand Shouldn’t Miss Out on 2019

We’re now just weeks away from the Daytona 500 - also known as “The Great American Race” - and everyone is gearing up. Rookie drivers are waiting in the wings for their moment in the sun. Old faves are fine-tuning their strategies. NASCAR fans can’t stop talking about what the rule changes and team shakeups have in store for 2019. But is your brand still sitting out on an amazing opportunity to connect with the most loyal audience in the world? Call it a halo effect. They rock jackets emblazoned with logos, they only shop at the home improvement store that sponsors their guy, they only drive the car brand that their team drives...NASCAR fans take brand loyalty to a whole new level. 81% of NA

4 Reasons to be Psyched About Audio in 2019: Trends, Predictions, and Content to Listen for This Yea

With new formats, more content, and better technology the phrase “audio is everywhere” has a whole new meaning now. Whether it’s catching up on the news in the car, music streamed from speakers, or podcasts queued up for the gym, audio is engrained in the day-to-day lives of Americans. “More audio is being listened to than ever before. Between radio, podcasts, smart speakers and streaming, audio listening overall has been growing in big numbers,” our co-founder & co-CEO Gary Schonfeld says. “And, where the audience goes, the advertisers follow.” Brands large and small, new school and old school will continue to rediscover audio –streaming, network radio, podcasts – as a vital element to thei


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