• By Annie Hunt

Building Momentum: How NASCAR is Moving Forward

How do you secure the future of a legacy sport? Big, bold changes. In 2017, when stage racing was first introduced, NASCAR got rolling on a master plan to reinvigorate motor racing and improve the fan experience. Stage racing has paid off so far, with 45% more green-flag passes, close racing, and more lead changes - all while raising the stakes for drivers and giving fans more dramatic race results.

Now track renovations, new cars, and sweeping schedule changes are building momentum for NASCAR. But it’s the 2020 schedule that’s getting the most attention. The fresh race lineup that kicks off February 9th was the result of combined feedback from fans, the diving community, and the industry at large.

New races, new challenges

2020 will bring some exciting firsts for both fans and drivers, like the summer doubleheader at Poconos. In all of NASCAR’s modern era, fans have yet to see back-to-back Cup Series races, which are sure to test the endurance of the sport’s most seasoned drivers.

The biggest change will come at the grand finale, which has been held in Miami since 2002. The Championship 4 will now be held at the recently-revamped ISM Raceway in Phoenix. Another race that will showcase new track upgrades is Martinsville, which will now host a nighttime Mother’s Day race under the lights.

Bring on the drama

The playoffs - the 10 postseason races leading up to the championship - have been shaken up too. Drivers will now face a challenging mix of short tracks and road courses with each elimination round starting September 6th in Darlington.

But it’s the new race before the Round of 16 head into the postseason that could make or break teams: Daytona will now bookend the regular season. Moving the second Daytona race to close out the regular season is sure to add drama. The 2.5-mile superspeedway has been historically known for its underdog winners, making the August 29th race one to watch.

Embracing the unexpected, the new schedule will keep drivers and fans on their toes. Check out the full lineup below:

Daytona is just a few weeks away, but it’s not too late for 2020. In addition to 36 races, there are plenty of opportunities in-between with 365 days of digital and on-air programming. Get in touch for more details on sponsorships of the MRN and PRN broadcasts, live read options, as well as online and at-track opportunities.

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