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2020 Dream Team: NASCAR + Your Brand

Something funny happened at the 2019 Cup Series Championship. It was shaping up to be a guaranteed win for Martin Truex Jr., and after a strong start, the 2017 champ made a routine mid-race pit stop. The fate of the championship as we learned that day at Miami-Homestead is not just up to the driver, it’s the team that can make all the difference. It turns out his pit crew put on the wrong front tires, ultimately costing Truex Jr. his second title. Don’t feel too bad, he was able to gain ground to finish five seconds behind Kyle Busch. It just goes to show how unpredictable NASCAR can be - anything can happen, and the fans love it.

Don’t come in second, get on the right team

The 2020 season is approaching fast, so if you missed out on 2019 now’s your chance to take another look at the NASCAR platform and get a jump on your competition. Our partners, MRN and PRN, are the authority in delivering award-winning audio coverage for the entire NASCAR universe. That’s every NASCAR race of the season and all the news-worthy moments in between.

Why NASCAR and NASCAR radio

Aligning with the NASCAR brand means gaining an audience with the most loyal fans in the sports world. Here sponsors are not an intrusion, they are welcomed by fans who get that those sponsors are what keep their favorite driver in the driver’s seat. 81% of NASCAR fans consciously support the sport’s official sponsors, versus 50% of NFL fans.

But you don’t need a multi-million dollar TV budget or have to sponsor a car to get in front of those fans. Sponsoring an MRN or PRN broadcast gets your message in front of a high-quality audience. With long seasons and long races, fans can’t always set aside 4+ hours with the TV broadcast. 1 in 3 fans follow NASCAR on radio, allowing them to take the sport with them no matter where they are. NASCAR radio listeners are similarly engaged with brands. They are 26% more likely to support sponsors and 22% more likely to participate in sponsor promotions when compared to other sports.

Powerful media opportunities

Partnering with NASCAR radio means so much more than spots. There are powerful campaign enhancements available to amp up your brand messaging.

  • Stand out with personalized product endorsements from top talent like NASCAR Hall-of-Famer Rusty Wallace or MRN anchor Kim Coon.

  • Get audiences to interact online with the multi-media Fan Vote platform, or IRL with ISM Vision packages.

  • Align with specialty content beyond the race with sponsorships in podcasts, music programming, racing recaps, and more catering to the motor racing fan.

  • Own your brand category. Ask about category exclusivity where available.

Whether your goal is to lift sales or increase brand awareness, our team will identify the right combination of media elements to deliver the most impact.

Get in touch to put NASCAR on your audio plans, and ask us about opportunities tailored to your 2020 goals. If sports are a big part of your marketing play for next year, we also have a number of sports-focused podcasts and NCAA football.

Source: SportsBusiness Journal – Turnkey Sports – Nielsen

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