• By Annie Hunt

Radio Remains Resilient and Reliable Opportunity for Brands

Moves toward consumer privacy like GDPR, increased scrutiny of Facebook and Google’s ad practices, and the potential disappearance of likes on Instagram will force marketers to change their tactics. Despite the media upheaval in our near future, radio continues to deliver a resilient platform that advertisers can count on.

In an IFPI Music Listening Report, which examines the listening habits of people around the world, one stat caught our eye.


Smartphones are catching up, but the global share of music listening on the radio is 29%. Despite the wealth of technology we have at our fingertips and in our homes, radio is still the leading hardware for listening to music worldwide. The same study reveals that 5.4 hours a week are spent with radio globally on average. While our laptops, smartphones, and portable Bluetooth speakers have enabled us to consume content with greater ease, radio maintains its hold on music lovers.

Here in the U.S. alone, radio reaches more Americans every week than any other form of media. We tip our hats to the popularity of podcasting and growth in smart speaker purchases for the audio renaissance we’re currently in, but radio has consistently reached around 90% of Americans 12+ weekly before the first season of Serial dropped in 2014 and continues to hold steady now.


So what’s the deal with radio’s grip on audiences? It’s a leading source for discovering new music. It’s a constant companion in our cars, but technology has also allowed for listening on our phones and smart speakers to flourish. It’s a trusted source for information and listeners have formed deep connections with personalities.

Compounded by the rise in podcasting listening and streaming options, audio has become a high-impact tool for brands. Messaging across far-reaching national radio networks, targeted streaming channels, and the influencer-esque podcast environment can touch different audiences across different moments in their day. It’s clear that despite these other methods of reaching listeners, audio is holding its own, with no signs of letting up.

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