• By Annie Hunt

Mass Appeal: 3 Takeaways from The Nielsen Audio Today Report

Nielsen’s latest Audio Today Report leads with a familiar stat. Radio reaches critical mass of Adults 18+ (92%), surpassing the weekly reach of TV (88%) and smartphones (79%). But here’s why that benchmark is still worth talking about. Despite the explosion of media options vying for our attention – streaming video, mobile apps, social media, etc. – radio isn’t just holding strong, it’s adapting rapidly. There are more reasons, and more ways, to tune into the O.G. audio channel today than ever before. Diving into the recent study, which focuses on the prevalence of network radio, these are the takeaways to keep top of mind as you plan for 2019.

Network Radio reaches deep.

In a few words, network radio is curated content, delivering a wealth of syndicated programming to the masses. From music to sports and talk, Nielsen refers to it as “radio’s national currency,” offering something for everyone. Network radio reaches deep into the hundreds of millions of radio listeners in the country today. 94% of all radio listeners 12+ nationwide tune to a network affiliated station every week and 95% of A18-49.

Tap an audience that’s as diverse as the country.

Network radio engages all age demos at various stages in life – from Millennials working their way through school to just-retired Baby Boomers with disposable income to spend. Here’s how reach breaks out by demo:

  • 95% of radio listeners 18-34 tune into network-affiliated stations each week. Over half work full time and 34% make $75K or more. The gender breakdown is also the most balanced of all the demos – 52% male, 48% female.

  • 94% of radio’s work force, adults 35-49, listen weekly. This demo has the highest income (43% have a HHI of $75K or more) and 74% work full-time.

  • 92% of the not to be ignored 50+ group engage with network radio regularly. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, Boomers make up for 58% of all retail sales.

Looking at network listening by ethnicity, 93% of Hispanic radio listeners and 98% of black radio listeners tune in each week. Consistent with the other demos studied, listening mostly occurs out of home as 75% of Hispanics and 68% of African Americans are employed part-time and full-time.

Out of home, but within earshot.

Even at work or in the car, away from the TV or unable to look at a screen, network radio is there to entertain listeners while they are on the go, wherever their day may take them. That’s good news for advertisers as network radio makes reaching large audiences closest to the point of purchase easy and efficient. A majority of listening occurs out of the home consistently across demos and ethnicities.

  • 77% of Millennials (A 18-34) listen out of home

  • 78% of young Gen Xers (A35-49) listen out of home

  • 74% of Hispanic network radio listeners listen out of home

While radio is still king of the car, technology is driving radio’s reach while making it easier to listen anywhere. As of Q2 2018, almost a quarter (24%) of Americans have a smart speaker at home.

It’s clear to see that despite the ever-changing landscape of media consumption, radio continues to consistently deliver the audience that brands are trying to reach, with network radio leading the charge. The ubiquitous nature of audio makes it a no-brainer for any savvy brand’s media mix, so if you’re not currently in, you’re definitely missing out.

For the full report, click here.

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