• By Annie Hunt

Q4 Kickoff: Season Shakeups, Bowl Game Announcement, and More

With the 2018 college football season underway, it’s time to take another look at Touchdown Radio and Gino Torretta’s curated lineup. Showcasing the intense competition between the best NCAA teams in the country, these play-by-play broadcasts of the game-of-the-week have already engaged millions of die-hard college football fans – fans who don’t want to miss a moment from the teams they cheer for.

The Season So Far

Only into week three, Touchdown delivered one of the most talked about games, and one of the biggest upsets of the season to date. LSU jumped from #12 to #6 after an impressive victory over Auburn (now #8). With a win over Auburn, LSU is looking like a playoff contender as they break into the top 5 teams. Going into week 6 of the season Gino and the team will be broadcasting #1 Alabama at Arkansas. Missed out on these matchups? As the drama leading up to the post season unfolds the best games are yet to come. You can expect more victories, more rivalries, and more headlines with scheduled coverage that includes top 25 teams like Michigan, Clemson, Ohio State, Oklahoma, and Texas.

Bowl Game Announced

The AutoNation Cure Bowl is back! The December 15th bowl game is returning to Touchdown’s post season lineup – and millions will be tuning in. More than a game, the AutoNation Cure Bowl raises funds that go directly to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. The teams playing from the American Athletic division and Sun Belt division will be announced on December 2nd. Additional bowl games to be announced, but don’t wait to get into these coveted broadcasts.

Affiliate Growth

Touchdown’s footprint keeps growing! Updated affiliate lists are in for this season and Touchdown Radio is now carried across 94 affiliates with 71% U.S. coverage (up from 63% in 2017). With games continuing to be added as the season progresses, it’s never too late to get in the action and take advantage of this growing audience. In addition to brand messaging and mentions, customized in-game sponsorships and turnkey packages can be matched to any budget and any goal. The Touchdown team will work with you to develop integrations that resonate for your brand, and delivers results!

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