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10 More Reasons Your Business Belongs Here

In a media landscape that is constantly evolving, one medium has remained timeless – in the best ways possible. As a reliable standby for marketers, radio continues to deliver on value, effectiveness, and yes, even reach. At the same time, radio has been evolving too, making advancements in targeting, research, and accountability to meet advertisers’ demands for today and tomorrow. Brands aren’t just rediscovering radio, they are adapting to how radio can and should be incorporated into their marketing strategies.

Whether you’re a Fortune 500 company or a small start-up, radio has an active audience and the advanced tools to engage them and get your message heard. Here are 10 more reasons your business belongs here, and if it’s already here, why it should stay.

1. More choice, more time

This graphic from Nielsen speaks volumes. In a highly competitive space, radio remains the brightest star in the media universe.With a weekly reach of 227 million, radio reaches more 18+ consumers than live and time shifted TV (218 million), smartphone apps (196 million), and mobile social networking (180 million).

2. Car’s favorite companion

Bringing the kids to school. Commuting to and from work. Running errands. The car plays a huge role in the day-to-day life of most Americans and it’s no doubt the most popular source for radio listening. In a typical day 54% of radio listeners listen only in the car. Additionally, the younger the audience the more likely they are to listen exclusively in the car and nowhere else. 62% of listeners age 13-34 listen only in car.

3. Reach media-hungry consumers

Radio’s consistent consumption across demographics makes it a versatile channel for all kinds of brands. Even the savviest of media consumers – millennials – aren’t abandoning traditional media channels like radio just yet. A study from Kantar shows that just over 27% of A18-34 tune into AM/FM radio several times a day and more than 28% listen once a day.

4. Reach all ears

Radio is your opportunity to connect with multi-cultural audiences. Black adults 18+ consume almost two-and-a-half hours more than the average adult and consume nearly 2 hours of radio a day (1 hour 52 minutes). Hispanic listeners are not far behind at 1 hour and 51 minutes.

5. BFFs

Radio and TV can play nice after all. In fact, according to a Nielsen survey on a major insurance campaign, leveraging radio’s reach and frequency amplifies the impact of TV ads and adds credibility. Consumers who heard an ad on the radio had a 35% higher awareness when they saw the same advertiser on TV.

6. A marketing workhorse

No one channel is the end-all solution, but radio works hard to lift your brand’s efforts across multiple platforms. In a study among radio-exposed adults, radio delivered a 261% awareness lift for the same campaign on mobile, a 100% lift for newspaper ads and 92% for outdoor.

7. Data Goldmine

Want data? Thanks to apps and online platforms, radio is a data goldmine for brands. Over 40% of listeners are willing to share their location with the news, radio, and music apps they download and one-fourth allow push notifications according to the 2018 Jacobs Media Public Radio Techsurvey.

8. Tech encourages listening

Millions of American have introduced a smart speaker into their homes but even with the presence of these connected toys, traditional radio still holds its own. In fact, smart speakers have aided in increased AM/FM listening. Jacobs Media Public Radio Techsurvey found that 28% of millennials and 22% of females found themselves listening to more radio after getting a smart speaker.

9. Talent that cares

Radio’s power to connect on a deep, personal level with the listener is evident in the passionate talent you hear every day. A recent Jacobs survey shows why on-air personalities chose radio as their careers. 80% of talent agree that radio is fun while 73% simply love to entertain.

10, A homerun for men’s brands

Sports radio gives brands the biggest bang of their buck for targeting an exceptionally elusive demographic. In addition to reaching heavily male audiences, sports radio speaks to an exceptionally educated, high earning early adopter. The weekly audience has an income of $95,000 – the highest across all formats according to Nielsen Scarborough. Consuming 79 hours of sports content per week, sports fans are also avid podcast fans and leaders in smart speaker ownership.


For more can’t miss opportunities that radio offers, check out this infographic.

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