• By Annie Hunt

Touchdown Radio: Where Powerhouse Content Meets Powerhouse Consumers

We analyzed Touchdown Radio’s 2018 line up and the results are in. Gino Torretta and his team continue to spotlight the most compelling games and high-performing teams. That means delivering more of the content that college football fans demand, and where brands shine. Here are some of the highlights:

  • 6 in 13 games are listed among the Sports Illustrated Top Games for Every Week of the Season

  • 60% of the Sporting News Preseason Top 10 are on the schedule including: Michigan State, Clemson, Ohio State, Alabama, Washington, Oklahoma University

  • 92% of games feature at least 1 team in the top 25

  • 9 in 13 games have 2 teams in the top 35

Millions will be tuning in to Touchdown as the season unfolds and recent survey data hints that these are qualified ears. Nielsen Scarborough reveals that 8 in 10 sports radio listeners are employed and at $95K, the weekly sports radio audience has the highest annual income against other formats (News/Talk is at $90,000).

In addition to being high-earning workers, sports fans 18+ are consuming more content than ever – 79 hours every week, up 55% in 2002 (Nielsen’s Year in Sports Media 2017 Report). To say that sports fans are passionate is an understatement – following their favorite teams is an obsession.

For the full schedule and more details on flexible packages that can be tailored to your campaign needs contact today!

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