• By Annie Hunt

10 Reasons Your Business Belongs Here: Can't-Miss Opportunities Radio Offers

Over 90% Americans interact with radio every week – a percentage that has held its own over the years. Radio outreaches social and, especially among younger generations, outreaches TV.

A reliable standby for listeners, radio remains the fabric of our culture – keeping us company in the car, getting us through the work day, serving as a source for discovering new music, and more. How radio is consumed continues to shift, but it looks like listeners keep sticking around despite the barrage of content choices.

Sure, radio reaches like no other medium, but it can offer so much more. As concerns surrounding accountability and greater engagement grow, brands are taking notice.

Cost effective and compelling, radio ads have a proven track record to deliver return on investment, but data is also a pressing issue. In recent years, the industry has taken strides to provide richer data sets to advertisers. Combining traditional research with behavioral detail, personalized campaigns can further deliver the right message at the right time.

With an active audience and the advanced tools to engage them, can you really afford to ignore this opportunity to get your message heard? Here are 10 reasons why your brand needs to incorporate radio into its marketing strategy.

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