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PRESS: AdLarge’s cabana adds “Parents On Demand” - The Podcast Network for Parents and Families

New York, NY - February 28, 2018 - AdLarge Media’s cabana division continues to expand its

podcast offerings. The newest addition is The Parents on Demand (POD) Network, a curated collection of podcasts focused on parent-friendly topics ranging from pregnancy, infancy, and adoption to nourishing meals, childcare, and the teen years. The Parents On Demand Network continues to add new titles, vetting each one to ensure relevant, high-quality programming.

“Moms control 80 percent of household spending in the U.S.,” observed Ilwira Marciszek, Vice President of Digital Sales Strategy for AdLarge and cabana. “The hyper-focused content on the Parents on Demand Network makes it easy for brands to target specific family lifestyle demographics.”

The mastermind behind the Parents on Demand Network is Sunny Gault, an award-winning broadcast TV journalist. Following the birth of her first child, Gault combined her media know-how with her experience as a novice parent seeking information to launch several podcasts, working with AdLarge as her ad sales partner. From there, she started culling other parenting podcasts to establish the Parents on Demand Network.

“With Parents on Demand, Sunny has put together a simple and elegant solution for housing fresh, informative podcast content that every parent needs,” said Stephanie Vance, Vice President of Digital Content for AdLarge and cabana.”

“My heart is in helping parents and independent podcasters,” said Gault. “Many independent podcasters need direction in navigating a path to success, and every parent needs guidance, especially in the early years of parenthood. I’ve been working with AdLarge’s cabana for many years, and we chose to stick with them as our ad sales partner because they understand the importance of authenticity, and they bring podcasters and advertisers together like no one else.”

The Parents on Demand Network features programs with experts such as board-certified pediatrician Dr. Mike Patrick, cookbook author Liz Weiss MS, RDN, and FIT4MOM founder Lisa Druxman, among others. Titles include Informed Pregnancy, The Nourished Child, Newbies, Lean Green DAD, and The Honestly Adoption Podcast. A dedicated website and network app make it easy for listeners to find and subscribe to the podcasts that address their family’s interests and needs.

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AdLarge Media is the leading independent ad sales and content company with lifestyle-driven audio environments that span am/fm, podcasting, on-demand, and streaming. Its diverse portfolio reaches 207 million listeners a week across 5,000 radio stations and 35 million unique listeners a month across digital audio platforms. The company was founded by industry leaders Cathy Csukas and Gary Schonfeld in 2010, and its digital division was relaunched as cabana in 2017. AdLarge has offices in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Detroit, and Denver. For more information, please visit www.adlarge.com andwww.letscabana.com.

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