• By Annie Hunt

RADIO REDISCOVERED: 3 Takeaways from Nielsen’s New Guide

Audio is having a moment. Podcasts continue to make headlines. Smart speakers have surged in homes across the country. A tried-and-true mass media platform is being rediscovered – radio.

Why is radio being “rediscovered”? In actuality, radio hasn’t gone anywhere – it’s consistently maintained its powerful audience reach – but it is evolving. It’s heard on smartphones and over those smart speakers, targeting listeners wherever the day takes them. It’s multiplatform, with social and digital extensions that enhance the listener experience. And it meets the needs of today’s marketers, delivering improved brand recognition and accountability while moving product. Nielsen is helping to further the education on radio’s capabilities with a Brand Manager’s Guide to Radio, Radio (re)Discovered, which breaks down some key data on radio’s proven success. Make sure to download the full guide below, but here are our main takeaways.

1. Radio holds its own The media universe is getting crowded. More options and more content keep getting pushed, yet attention spans are getting shorter. When compared to other media, radio’s mass reach has consistently paced at 90%+ of the population year after year. Based on Nielsen’s Comparable Metrics, AM/FM Radio’s weekly reach among A18+ tops 225M vs. 218M for TV and 203M for mobile and web media. Thanks to the omnipresence of audio, radio has held its own in the fight for attention and remains the king of reach.

2. Radio complements Any one marketing channel alone may not help a brand hit every goal. Luckily, radio plays extremely well with other forms of media. Running TV ads? Radio can help boost the memorability of those spots. TV ad recall jumps from 40% to 54% when combined with a radio ad – that’s 35% greater awareness with TV and radio working together. What about digital, you ask? Despite being hotly debated, even display ads can help convert when combined with a complementary radio campaign. When consumers heard a retailer’s radio ad 3 times or more, they were 160% more likely to click an online ad for the same store.

3. Radio inspires action

At the end of the day it’s all about driving traffic, and as part of the media mix, radio gets it done. Nielsen here dives deep into the results radio can generate across multiple advertiser categories. For every dollar spent, radio’s return on ad spend (ROAS) was calculated for telco providers, QSR, department stores, home improvement brands, and mass retailers. For CPG, an interesting case is made for greater investments in radio. Isolating just 9% of the consumers exposed to radio campaign, a snack brand saw a 32% lift in sales. The radio industry will continue to push category-specific research to help better inform the marketing mix model.

Get Nielsen’s full guide here, and #AskAdLarge about total audio solutions for your brand.

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