• By Annie Hunt

Heard on the Street: Dale Jr. on NASCAR's Accessibility

Tyler Burnett of MRN caught up with Dale Earnhardt Jr. as he looks back on a fond memory of a rare post-race picnic celebrating Richard Petty’s victory with the president. Dale has Petty to thank for that memory.

It was Petty and drivers like him who set the standard for how drivers interact with their fans. Dale says, “When people say NASCAR is accessible, Richard Petty should be part of that conversation.” Drivers after him have carried the torch to make NASCAR one of, if not the most interactive sports. Where else would a young fan like Dale have gotten the opportunity to eat fried chicken with the president?

When players from other sports teams come to a race, they can’t believe how much access fans get. There is no other game or event when fans can get up-close-and personal with their idols – from shaking hands with drivers at the pre-race festivities to signing the finish line at Daytona. It’s this access that allows fans to form deep connections and develop traditions that span across generations. Sponsors can tap into these deep connections to form their own relationships with fans as well.

Dale Jr. may be stepping out of the limelight after this season, but that also means someone new must step up to the plate. Hendrick Motorsports just tapped 24-year old Alex Bowman as the new #88. The up-and-comer, who filled in for Dale parts of last season, will have a year to not only prove himself to the team, but to fans. Upholding the great responsibility all drivers before him held –putting the fans first – is a priority for NASCAR’s next generation.

Check out the full audio from Burnett’s interview below:

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