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Four Ways Digital Audio is Going Beyond the Pre-Roll

Updated: May 18

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If you’ve asked yourself recently — can digital audio do that? Chances are the answer is “yes.” With emerging technology and more content options, digital audio is giving brands the flexibility to play in the space. Whether you need to geo-target or are looking for a strategic sponsorship, cabana has the solution across all forms of digital audio.

I need to make sure my message is getting out to the right audience.

In the Video and Display world, ad creative gets delivered to a limited number of players and devices. In the Audio world, however, listeners can hear your ads across devices beyond desktop and mobile — from their car, smart TV, smart watch, alarm clock, and more.

This generates challenges when it comes to offering an addressable audience. AdsWizz, our preferred partner for delivering seamlessly executed, highly targeted streaming campaigns offers new targeting capabilities for 2017 with Sonar. By combining 1st party, 3rd party, and probabilistic data, you can execute campaigns against addressable audience demographics and behavioral segments almost seamlessly.

The new behavioral data segments cover a full range of criteria that will allow you to optimize your targeting and improve your reach. Segments include car buyers, movie or music fans, and homeowners to name a few. In addition to the behavioral data segments, you can also use Sonar demographics data for Age and Gender segments, ensuring a 100% impressions match that will allow you to launch your streaming campaign with confidence. One-to-one campaigns deliver personalized ads to individual listeners regardless of when, where, or how they listen.

I need personality endorsements.

You have a great product and want an equally great personality to help promote that product. Podcasts have long been praised as perfect vehicles for brands, as hosts not only tout the features and benefits but also share their own anecdotes and personal experiences with the product. The resulting ad is relevant, honest, and in some cases, hilarious.

But did you know that podcasts aren’t your only option?

The idobi Radio Network offers the best of both worlds, combining the power of digital audio with live programming hosted by industry insiders and influencers. idobi shows are a sure thing; especially when it comes to reach and conversion. Each one of the networks’ live shows delivers varied and often surprising audiences. These super fans spend on the things they love and look to idobi’s influencers for their next obsession.

I’m interested in podcasts, but I need to geo-target.

Podcasts have been known for baked in ads and live reads that live in perpetuity have worked for many advertisers. But for brands with limited reach or timely messaging, this has not been ideal. Dynamic insertion technology has opened the floodgates to all types of advertisers looking to tap into the power of podcasts.

Dynamic ad insertion is revolutionizing podcast advertising, metrics, and reporting. Our partnership with Megaphone, a new platform from Panoply, gives brands more control over their podcast ads. So how does it work?

Recorded ads are seamlessly integrated into natural breaks within the content while preserving the listener environment. Megaphone dynamically inserts the ads using desired campaign parameters and targets, even targeting by location. No matter when an episode is listened to, your brand message plays ONLY to your target within the specified flight. Ads are automatically removed once the campaign reaches the impressions cap or after the end date has passed. With the ability to make changes at any time, content remains relevant, allowing you to reach your audience at the right time and right place.

I need creative ideas.

When it’s time to think beyond 30-second spots, digital audio can help your brand break the mold with some seriously creative integrations, custom channels, and social. But what about tie-ins with some of the hottest festivals?

With Coachella just wrapping up, festivals continue to deliver tons of buzz. For the fourth year in a row, idobi Radio has partnered with Vans Warped Tour to deliver exclusive content, artist interviews, and unprecedented access to fans this summer. idobi Warped Radio is the official radio show of the largest traveling tour in the U.S., offering brands a unique way to not only engage this active audience but also align with the hottest event of the summer.

We also have opportunities to take your brand from online to real life with Nexus Radio. Working closely with the industry, Nexus brings dance music and the lifestyle to life with live events and a physical presence at festivals and associated venues around the country. The Miami Music Week/Ultra Music Week is one of South Beach’s largest events, is just one of the spots where the Nexus music lounge was right in the heart of the action. Your brand can be front row center with an audience that is highly engaged and ready to listen!

What does your brand need? #teamcabana is here to help answer your burning questions on anything and everything digital audio. Get in touch today!

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