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Soul Talking: How Two Sisters Reached 100,000 Podcast Downloads in Four Weeks

While drinking tea in a small cabin, sisters Serene and Pearl are recording the 8th episode of their podcast, and silently celebrating the huge milestone it reached since its launch in February. Now well over 100,000 downloads, the team behind The Trim Healthy Podcast has found the key to connecting with fans in a whole new way.

That small cabin is part of the “hilltop”, where Serene and Pearl built the Trim Healthy Mama (THM) empire. When it came to eating healthy, Serene and Pearl found the diet fads out there were extreme and unsustainable. They struck out on out their own to develop an easy-does-it meal plan that could fit into anyone’s lifestyle – and Trim Healthy Mama was born. Fast forward to several books (and more!) later, and the THM brand has expanded to their very own line of wholesome products, an exercise DVD, and a massive loyal following. Their social media pages are busting at the seams, and their new, state-of-the-art shipping facility is always bustling with orders from the thousands of fans that just can’t get enough of their products each month.

So why The Trim Healthy Podcast? Podcasting turned out to be the perfect forum for interacting with fans on a deeper level and tapping into a new audience, all while keeping their core brand values intact. We partnered with the THM team to develop a lively 30-minute conversation that’s as organic as a chat between sisters - “soul talking” as they call it. Danny, the show’s producer, is there as well to lend his male perspective.

Their goal for every episode is to create something precious that listeners can utilize to better their lives. The response so far has been overwhelming! Serene and Pearl’s understanding of their audience has led them to create another resource for fans and another way to promote the THM lifestyle. With engaging content and a dedicated listenership, there’s also significant opportunities for other lifestyle brands who are looking to align with inspirational and influential personalities.

Tap into this unique environment with an audience that’s sure to keep growing. Podcast sponsorships and additional opportunities are available. Visit or contact:

Listen to The Trim Healthy Podcast here on Megaphone and everywhere else podcasts are heard.

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