• By Annie Hunt

It's Fast, It's Loud, It's Indy: Get in the Drivers Seat with IndyCar Radio

The IndyCar season is just gearing up, and after a milestone year in 2016, the sport is now enjoying a renaissance. The sold out 100th running of the Indy 500 drew an estimated 350,000 to the track and the 101st race this Memorial Day weekend is expected to hit its goals as well. Spawning household names like the legendary Mario Andretti to Dancing With the Stars Alum James Hinchcliffe, the sport has set its sights on drawing in a new generation of fans to keep the momentum going.

When 10-year IndyCar veteran Graham Rahal posted a video from his visor cam, most viewers thought it was straight out of a video game. While NASCAR cars may be more readily recognizable, Indy is a whole different beast. Hint: it’s fast, really fast. These single-seat, open-cockpit cars can reach speeds over 230 mph. The internationally diverse lineup of drivers face a combination of superspeedways, short ovals, road courses, and temporary street circuits. It’s challenging for the drivers and adrenaline packed for the fans.

Like NASCAR though, sponsors play a huge role in the series. Drivers would not be where they are today without their sponsors and Indy fans get that too. IndyCar presents a premium environment for endemic and blue chip brands seeking this receptive audience.

Only AdLarge has your access to every broadcast with the IndyCar Radio Network heard coast to coast on AM/FM, SiriusXM, and the Verizon mobile app. Seamless in-race integration with live personality reads and custom features puts your messaging right in the action. IndyCar Radio offers even more touchpoints for brands with online extensions, custom promotions, and at-track sponsorships.

Sponsorships are available for the remaining 19 races…And if you want in for the big race this May, #AskAdLarge about our Memorial Day racing package combining the power of Indy and NASCAR.

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