• By Annie Hunt

Content Spotlight: A Spectacular, Unexpected Start to the 2017 NASCAR Season

The MRN broadcast team recently kicked off the 69th season of NASCAR in what is sure to be an epic year. A lot has happened in the brief break since the Miami-Homestead finale in November. Between bringing on Monster Energy as the new headlining sponsor and introducing major rule changes, expectations were high leading up to last weekend in Daytona. The 500 did not disappoint though, as there was no holding back the drama that unfolded during those 200 laps.

“Demolition Derby 500”

The 2017 season kicked off with a bang – literally. The 500 may have been mired with multiple crashes, knocking out fan favorites like Dale and Jimmie, but this race will live on in the history books as one of the toughest fights for survival. It was thrilling, it was nail biting, and it kept fans glued to the action. Check out this 1-minute recap from MRN’s broadcast here.

A Lucky Omen

At lap 30 his rearview mirror fell off. Some may find that extremely unlucky, but Kurt Busch saw it as an omen. Despite the damaged car, the #41 driver pulled through at the very end taking the lead on the final lap, proving that anything is possible in NASCAR. “The more that becomes unpredictable about Daytona, the more it becomes predictable to predict unpredictability," Busch said. He finally took home his first ever Daytona 500 victory after coming so close so many times.

Looking Ahead

Many drivers were fired up about the challenges the new format presented at Daytona, but Dale Earnhardt Jr. (who was sidelined at the end of last season) is keeping a positive outlook. “It’s going to be a fun season and we’ve got pretty high spirits,” he said as he reflected on his week. Despite what critics of the rule changes may say, this past weekend set the tone for 2017. Long-time fans and newcomers to the sport can expect the unexpected every time they tune in, with more intense competition, more upsets, and more drama, so buckle up!

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