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PR: AdLarge Partners with Megaphone, the Podcast Hosting and Ad Serving Platform from Panoply that P

Megaphone's Superior Features Include Dynamic Ad insertion Across New and Archived Episodes, More Control and Greater Accountability

AdLarge Joins Impressive Roster of Megaphone Partners, Including BuzzFeed, WBUR, and Gimlet

New York, NY – February 27, 2017 -- AdLarge Media has partnered with Megaphone, the advanced podcast hosting and ad serving platform from Panoply that simplifies publishing and ad buying through greater contol, flexibility, and accountability. Built around real-time dynamic ad insertion technology, Megaphone uses campaign targets and parameters to deliver ad impressions across new and archived episodes, and eliminates the need to go back and manually remove or replace outdated ads from previously published content. AdLarge joins Panoply’s Megaphone alongside an impressive list of partners that includes BuzzFeed, WBUR, and Gimlet.

“We listened to our advertisers and podcast partners, identified their needs, and set out to find the hosting and ad platform with the most powerful solutions,” stated Cathy Csukas, Co-Founder and Co-Chief Executive Officer of AdLarge Media. “Megaphone’s leading-edge technology made them the clear choice. Megaphone has revolutionized podcast publishing and ad buying.”

Dynamic ad insertion technology can boost available impressions by as much as 40 percent, particularly for a growing program with evergreen content. AdLarge has been migrating its podcast portfolio to Megaphone since November 2016, opening-up opportunities for its brand and podcast partners.

“AdLarge has a 30,000-foot view of the podcast industry, which is a vantage point that allows them to think long-term about solutions,” added Jason Cox, Panoply’s Chief Technology Officer. “That perspective makes them an ideal partner for Megaphone, and AdLarge’s insights will help inform new and innovative features to meet the constantly growing needs of both podcasters and advertisers.”

Megaphone’s robust technology provides real-time performance metrics, ad tracking, geo-targeting, source-listening recognition, and an embeddable player. The user-interface is highly intuitive and customer support is available 24/7.

Podcast advertisements – including mid-roll host reads – are recorded independently and inserted into pre-determined stop sets across an entire series at the moment of download. When the campaign reaches the impressions cap or end date, the ads are automatically removed. The creative can be swapped at any time. Baked-in native ads live forever in archived episodes.

Production tools, such as the draft and preview modes, help podcasters publish the highest quality version of an episode, and one click distributes that episode across all major players.

About AdLarge Media (www.adlarge.com)

AdLarge Media is the fastest-growing independent audio advertising sales company in the U.S., representing radio, digital, and mobile content providers. The company is at the forefront of advertising innovation, driving revenue at the intersection of content and technology with customized solutions that deliver a demonstrated return on investment in an ever-changing media landscape. AdLarge serves a large portfolio of agencies and brands and is widely recognized for its collaborative partnerships. Founded in 2010 by industry leaders Gary Schonfeld and Cathy Csukas, AdLarge Media has offices in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Detroit.

About Panoply

Panoply is a podcasting and digital audio company with two parallel focuses: producing compelling audio content and operating Megaphone, our industry-leading technology platform for podcast creators and advertisers.

Our original content team has created some of the most popular and commercially successful podcasts to date, including the smash hits Revisionist History from Malcolm Gladwell, The Message from GE Podcast Theater, and Happier from Gretchen Rubin.

Megaphone is the premier technology platform for spoken word audio and a complete end-to-end solution for the distribution and monetization needs of enterprise publishers. Since 2012, the technology behind Megaphone has served more than 250 million podcast episodes and will surpass half a billion in 2017.

A division of The Slate Group, Panoply creates, distributes, and monetizes audio content from dozens of publishers, personalities, and independent podcast producers.

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