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One-On-One: A conversation with our latest podcaster, Emme

She has been a leading voice and face of the fashion industry and has given women the platform to feel beautiful and empowered. We sat down with our newest podcast influencer and cabana original, Emme, to dish on her show and aspirations for 2017.

ALM: Emme, congratulations on the launch of EmmeStyle - we couldn’t be more excited to partner with you on this project. You have led an extraordinary life and dedicated a lot of time advocating for women and body positivity. Can you tell us a little bit about how your journey has shaped your mission today?

Emme: Would love to Annie and so delighted to have you guys as my partners as well! It all started for me as a child in my home where using your voice was not encouraged and my father had the last say. If you did use your voice contrary to his, there would be a price to pay, emotionally. I couldn't stand it and found I became vocal in other areas of my life progressively as I got older. Also if growing up in Saudi Arabia is not a motivator to speak up, I don't know what is!

ALM: Podcasting is growing at an incredible rate right now and more brands and personalities than ever are getting into the game. What initially sparked your interest in launching your own show?

Emme: I wanted to have intimate conversations that meant something to me and hopefully to my audience. Influence thought for the better with remarkable people with empowering stories, especially now with so much changing hour to hour in our world. Podcasting allows two people to speak beyond a sound bite or without interruption, and that leads me to meaningful conversations. I walk away happy after each taping having gotten to know someone better or for the first time!

ALM: Who is the EmmeStyle listener and what can she (or he) look forward to when they tune in?

Emme: In short, the EmmeStyle listener is a woman 25-65 who is looking for life lessons that she can easily apply with lots of body positivity. EmmeStyle is about our journeys to empowerment. While keeping the show's energy up and always ending on a positive note, our intimate discussions will reveal remarkable stories that are destined to empower. Be it from the world of fashion, beauty, art, culture, the body positivity movement, money, politics, business, food, travel or from the relationships we keep, family we’re from, girlfriends we live for, and LGBTQ life.

ALM: The show’s theme is “Remarkable people. Empowering stories.” We can’t wait to hear who you bring on the show - what are some of the stories you are hoping to tell?

Emme: With so much happening in our world today, you'll get a glimpse of how I feel about the cultural zeitgeist and how it relates to women, children, and the men who love us. The stories I want my guests to reveal will revolve around how they never gave up, made it happen after 100 “no’s”, hung in there given uncertain circumstances, rose up against the odds, and didn't let an inexhaustible struggle stop them. Basically, hitting home if they could do it, so could we! Join us on our journey, it'll be well worth your time, and you'll certainly never feel alone!

ALM: What else can we expect from Emme in the new year? Can you share with us any upcoming projects for 2017?

Emme: I seem to have an eclectic career with a foot in diverse areas in entertainment! As an on-air personality and expert for all things body image, I will be doing on-air work in TV and appearing on CNN and other news outlets. I’m in development for my own LIVE TV show to be announced in early spring (exciting!), and in January 2017, I launched my 5th book: Chicken Soup For The Soul: Curvy & Confident: 101 Stories of Loving Yourself and Your Body, which has been getting great reviews and excitement around it!

Tune into EmmeStyle for remarkable people and empowering stories now. You can also follow her on Instagram and Twitter @supermodelemme.

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