• By Renee Cassis

Audio Insights: Study Finds Radio #1 for Reaching Moms

Radio reaches the greatest number of Moms and Working Moms, according to the findings of a new study from Nielsen. The recently released Total Audience Report for Q3 2016 found that during an average week, radio delivers 26.9 million Moms 18-49 with at least one child under 12 – far more than any other platform in the study.

Radio’s striking reach with Moms holds steady across subsets of this overall influential consumer group. Radio delivers 17.8 million Working Moms during an average week, again outpacing any other platform in the study. Working Moms have higher incomes, are more likely to have a college degree, and are mostly homeowners -- in homes that are more likely to be high-tech!

Known for its mobility and proximity close to the point of purchase, radio does an impressive job of reaching Moms out of home. Radio delivers 71% of Moms 18-49 while they are out of home, and that figure jumps to 77% for Working Moms in the same demo. Stay-At-Home Moms are on the go too, and radio again delivers notable reach, with 57% of that subset tuning in to radio when out-of-home.

The study also identified diverse listening patterns for Working and Stay-At-Home Moms. As to be expected, listening for Working Moms spikes during the morning and evening commutes, while Stay-At-Home Moms are heavier daytime listeners.

The good news for advertisers? AdLarge makes it easy to reach Moms with a powerhouse network, Women In Network (WIN). WIN delivers a predominantly female audience (nearly 60%!) on top stations across the country, including in the Top 10, Top 25, and Top 50 markets.

The formats in AdLarge’s WIN mirror the formats that are most popular with Moms in the Nielsen study. Regardless of working status, the study revealed that Moms prefer CHR followed by Country, Adult Contemporary, and Urban...the primary formats in WIN!

AdLarge can help you reach Moms with purchasing power. Contact us today for more information about WIN and other options for reaching this powerful audience.

Source: Nielsen Total Audience Report, Q3 2016, Females 18-49 with children under 12.

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