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Digiversity: How-To Guide on Buying Digital Audio

AdLarge is here to help you navigate through the ever-changing world of digital audio, so we're breaking down the newly released IAB Digital Audio Buyers Guide 2.0. Here are the five things you should know.

1. Tech keeps changing the game – Ownership of smartphones and IoT devices continues to impact how media is consumed. The IAB’s guide pulled together some interesting stats:

  • 2/3 of digital media minutes are now spent on mobile – listening to “radio” in apps is one of the top activities among smartphone users (2015 comScore U.S. Mobile App Report)

  • As of 2016 over 80% of listening to streaming stations took place on mobile devices vs. desktop (Webcast Metrics)

  • By Q1 2017, 40% of U.S. internet homes will have a streaming media player (October 2016 NPD Connected Intelligence Connected Home Forecast)

2. And that’s good news for audio messaging – Our screens keep getting smaller or have become non-existent in some connected home devices, but despite this shift, audio is still on. Even for devices that do have screens, listening is taking place when consumers are driving, cleaning the house, or at the gym more and more. Digital audio impressions do not need a screen to impact the consumer — ads play whether the device screen is on, off, or nonexistent.

3. Know your tools – Digital audio offers a variety of opportunities based on your goals. Already have :15, :30, or :60 ads ready to go? These can be dynamically inserted into music streams and podcasts, allowing creative to be easily swapped at any time. Looking for a host read? Native sounding ads can be permanently integrated into the program or dynamically inserted. Also available:

  • Custom content

  • Branded channels/playlists

  • Branded podcasts

4. Want accountability, you got it – Digital audio impressions are highly measurable. Streamed audio data is easily accessible and can be verified by third party ad tracking services. Geographic, demographic, and behavioral targeting opportunities also ensures your messaging is heard at the right time and delivered to the right audience. Thanks to new dynamic ad insertion technology – comparable tracking and targeting capabilities are now available in select podcasts.

5. Let’s get creative – Creativity is the key to success in digital audio. Keep the medium in mind when brainstorming (and even the specific program!), and you're certain to be successful. Consider this:

  • Create an “audio first” environment and keep your messaging simple and concise

  • Utilize promo codes and special offers to make purchase decisions easy – keep in mind that a call to action should not rely on visual interaction, since the screen may be turned off or non-existent

  • Don’t be afraid to stand out – use humor if appropriate or leverage the personality of the host

#AskAdLarge, your digital audio expert, for custom streaming and on-demand solutions for your brand. For the full guide click here.

Source: IAB Digital Audio Buyer’s Guide 2.0, Nov 2016

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