• By Annie Hunt

The Year of the Podcast: A Look Back and a Look Ahead

We’re calling it…2016 was the year of the podcast. It was certainly another big year for the format with more great content exploding onto the scene, tons of press, and more big name brands getting into the game. We’re thrilled that podcasting has hit pop culture status as our own portfolio and capabilities expand.

ICYMI: 2016 Recap

Education and awareness is key for the continued growth of the medium. The IAB’s 2nd annual Podcast Upfront in September kept the conversation going with a celebration of the podcast, what’s out there, and what’s to come. New research also underscored the tremendous opportunities advertisers have to engage like never before. WNYC Research revealed at the event points to over 70% of a podcast audience is likely to purchase a product endorsed by the host of their favorite show, while 95% of listeners take action as a result of hearing an ad in a podcast.

Speaking of the Upfront, we made some pretty exciting announcements for new content and compelling talent. NFL star Ray Lewis has teamed up with renowned anger management specialist Dr. Christian Conte to create The Tackling Life Podcast, a twice-weekly show that is seriously motivational. Launched in mid-November, Tackling Life focuses on bettering oneself through the lens of sports. Ray and Dr. Conte make a great team, and their rapport has to be heard to be believed. So far, they have featured guests like ACC Player of the Year James Conner and music producer Damon Dash, with more big-named celebrity friends to come.

Up Next in 2017

We’re bringing on board more girl power with the launch of two new shows in the Female Lifestyle category - Trim Healthy Mama, and Emme.

Sisters Pearl and Serene of Trim Healthy Mama will be launching their new podcast in early 2017 focusing on eating and living well. The sisters have built an extremely loyal following over the years with the Trim Healthy Mama platform, including a successful line of books and healthy products. Founders Pearl and Serene are extremely passionate about everything they do in life and their infectious personalities will resonate with female audiences.

Also launching in early 2017, Emme – hosted by the world’s first curvy supermodel, activist, author, and spokesperson. Every week Emme’s podcast will share her journey and positivity wherever and whenever her audience may be listening. Emme focuses on what matters most to her tribe (and a few awesome men) from inclusive fashion to travel, finding love to mindfulness, plus inspiring guests.

In addition to great content, we want to make the podcast experience seamless for our partners and advertisers alike. That’s why we teamed up with Megaphone, a new publishing, distribution, and ad traffic platform created by Panoply.

Since Megaphone is built around revolutionary dynamic advertising technology, advertisers will now have more options to buy with greater accountability and clear reporting. Your ads – even host-read mid-rolls – can be recorded separately and automatically integrated into the content based on your goals. Plus, you can leverage our full catalog of content to capture the maximum audience – and we know the audience. Megaphone is changing the game when it comes to metrics, compiling real-time campaign performance statistics and intelligence on listening habits.

Stay tuned for more details on how this will all come together with our forthcoming podcast platform, Cabana. In the meantime…want to know more about how to buy podcasts? Ready to be a charter sponsor of one of our new shows? #AskAdLarge today!

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