• By Annie Hunt

Content Spotlight: Fantasy Sports Podcasts Come Out to Play

We have now reached peak fantasy football season and millions are actively engaged to compete, compare, and research players. With over 57 million players in the US and Canada, the fantasy phenomenon has gained tremendous momentum, and is poised for even more growth. For most, it’s more than a hobby, it’s a religion! With an audience that is starting to become more balanced across gender lines, there is an overwhelming demand for content that gives advice and news fans need to build the ultimate dream team.

A recent report from Nielsen Scarborough demonstrates how fantasy sports podcasts can be an effective platform for reaching this captive audience. According to the report findings, fantasy sports podcast listeners are male, 18 to 49 years old and they have higher average annual household income versus the average U.S. household. Their higher HHI translates into listeners who are avid consumers – brands within the travel, automotive, beverage, and fast food categories show the greatest opportunity for reaching this target.

  • 55% of fantasy sports podcast listeners say they’ve taken a domestic or foreign flight during the past year

  • 31% more likely than the average podcast listener to be planning a vehicle purchase

  • 60% of listeners 21 years old or more say they’ve drank beer in the last month

  • 93% of listeners saying they’ve visited a quick-service restaurant in the past month

AdLarge recently performed our own listener survey with our popular suite of fantasy podcasts from RotoWire – one of the most trusted names in fantasy sports – and the results consistently show a desirable audience base.

  • Median age: 38, over 75% in the 18-49 range

  • Median HHI: $100-124K

  • 77% have a college degree or higher, 92% employed

But that’s not all, these fans are highly engaged in the medium.

  • On average, listen to 7-10 podcasts per week

  • 76% are likely to purchase a product endorsed by a host

Whatever your brand may be, and its educated, active, consumer via RotoWire podcasts. RotoWire’s lineup of shows cater to every sports fan – from football to fútball. Based on season and sport, Opportunities include dynamically inserted pre roll and post roll, live reads, custom segments, and more.

#AskAdLarge about fully customizable campaigns with the RotoWire network.

Sources: Fantasy Sports Trade Association; Nielsen Scarborough Research, 2016; AdLarge Custom Podcast Survey, 2016

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