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MARKETING MIX: Rock the Rest of 2016 with idobi Radio Exclusives

Meet streaming’s super sexy hybrid…idobi Radio combines the best of terrestrial radio with the benefits of on-demand content into one high-impact platform. For years idobi has been connecting alt-rock fans with the music they know and love, while giving them exclusive access to new, up-and-coming acts. What makes this legacy streaming brand so unique for listeners and sponsors alike is their lineup of live shows featuring influencers such as Scoggs of Let’s Talk Music and Darrin Pfeiffer of punk band, Goldfinger. Reach at least 50,000 live listeners per show with host reads and sponsored segments, plus get the lasting benefits of streaming audio - all in one buy, and only available from AdLarge!

Whatever your campaign goals may be, idobi has the tools to deliver an engaged, youthful consumer. Check out our latest and great opportunities for Q4 and beyond.

"Where do you idobi?": Sponsor the App

idobi is rolling out its brand new app with a multi-tiered campaign that will encompass digital in-stream, social media, and idobi.com. Get your brand in the mix with great product placement via social media and display, plus native advertising with seamless mentions across the network. No matter where fans idobi, your brand will be top of mind.

This 4-week campaign includes:

  • 85 instream mentions - 1.7MM impressions

  • 85 :30s instream spots - 1.7MM impressions

  • Social media promotion on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram

Official Sponsor of idobi Radio

Now your brand can own the entire platform! Get consistent brand exposure across multiple touchpoints: in-stream, social, on-site, and idobi.com. Flexible campaigns – from full-year, 6-month, quarterly, and monthly – can be customized to fit your advertising needs.

Get official with idobi via:

  • Fan engagement social media and contesting elements

  • idobi Radio station sponsorships featuring LIVE performance space branding!

  • Millions of live instream impressions plus high visibility on YouTube and idobi.com

#AskAdLarge for all the details on these idobi exclusives and more!

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