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CONTENT SPOTLIGHT: Welcome to the Family, New Mommy Media

Sunny Gault may seem like your average mom of four kids, but when it came to her first child, she had no idea how she would be able to transition from a successful television career to being a full-time parent. She took the challenge head on, and after combining her media background with her experiences as a new mom who had never even changed a diaper before, New Mommy Media was born. New Mommy Media is a shining reflection of Sunny’s passion to help moms (and dads) everywhere – whether they’re trying to conceive, expecting twins, or juggling play dates for their toddler.

New Mommy Media is a network of dynamic audio podcasts designed to grow with the listener and their child – from the first trimester to the terrible twos and beyond. Each 30-minute show features intimate and genuine discussion with everyday parents and experts alike on relevant topics. Offering a wealth of targeted content, New Mommy Media is like an essential on-the-go support group, available anytime and anywhere to meet the demands of a parent’s busy schedule.

The network generates 60,000 downloads a month across their featured shows:

New Mommy Media is a valuable resource for today’s on-the go mom – a highly desirable target with $2.4 trillion in spending power (Mom 3.0). These moms make most purchasing decisions in their households, but with hectic schedules they rely heavily on advice from their peers. In fact, 64% seek out product reviews before making a purchase (PunchTab, 2013).

“We’ve been listening to the marketplace; we are excited to bring New Mommy Media to our advertisers looking to reach this coveted female consumer.”

– Yvonne Lacey, VP – Digital Sales Development

In addition to dynamically-inserted ads, your brand can take advantage of full integration into the show via:

  • Segment sponsorships

  • Web display

  • Newsletter blasts

  • Product reviews

  • Co-branded podcasts…and more!

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