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Welcome to the Family, Shaq Fu Radio!

Shaquille O’Neal may have become a household name for his phenomenal NBA career, but for those 90's kids out there Shaq was so much more (if Fu-Schnickens rings a bell, you know what we mean!). Shaq’s passion for Hip Hop music runs just as deep as his love for basketball, hence the birth of Shaq Fu Radio! “Music played such an important role in my life as a kid, as a player in the NBA, and now…” – Shaquille O’Neal The Shaq-branded streaming music platform and mobile app taps into this passion and delivers a music experience for fans like no other, with high-profile DJs and major celebrity appearances from Kendrick Lamar, Brandy and more. Launched in June 2015, Shaq Fu Radio's audience keeps growing with sessions increasing 48% since October 2015. 24/7 Programming Listeners tune in worldwide via ShaqFuRadio.com or the mobile app for 24/7 Hip Hop and R&B. Shaq Fu Radio has brought on industry superstars such as DJ Quik and DJ Kay Slay to spin Monday thru Friday throughout the day. The platform also showcases exclusive interviews, celebrity guest take overs and appearances from the man himself. Shaq loves to spin and connect with fans, so his alter ego, “DJ Diesel,” streams a live mix every Friday night. Listeners can also tune into his #AskShaq call-in show where he interacts with fans directly.

Your Brand Here! Shaq Fu Radio is so much more than spots and dots. Entitlement sponsorships, live reads, custom features and social media extensions help create a unique, targeted environment for brands. Find out how you can leverage the power of Shaq’s universal appeal to capture a young-skewing audience who actively seek out their favorite genre, and tune in an average of 19 minutes per session! Shaq-Attack Shaq will be hitting the road to promote the Shaq Fu Radio platform early this year. He will also be DJing the Bud Light Pre-Party for this year’s Super Bowl 50 in San Francisco and the NBA All Star Game in Toronto (maybe with some pick-up games in between). Stay tuned for more announcements and special opportunities!

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