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Meet the Listener: Fans Can’t Get Enough of the Czabe!

Broadcasting across the Yahoo! Sports Radio’s network, Steve Czaban brings his unique perspective on sports and pop culture every morning to legions of loyal fans. As one of the most experienced daily sports talk radio hosts in the nation, Czabe knows how to keep his audience informed and engaged. His show is also available on demand via Podcast Arena, iTunes, audioBoom, and Google Play, so fans can enjoy whenever and wherever they want. We conducted our own study to learn more about his podcast audience. Here’s what we found…

Affluent, Educated, and in Their Prime

Looking to target the 25-54 male consumer? Look no further than The Steve Czaban Show. Closely resembling the demo of Sports Talk radio, his podcast audience skews male, is educated, and is financially secure. 95% of our respondents are male with 85% in that key 25-54 demo. These guys are also settled down – a majority of listeners are married with kids. Almost all (92%) are employed and 30% have a HHI of $150K or more.

Avid Podcast Consumers, Taking Their Content Everywhere

Whether its catching up on last night’s Yankee game or the latest LeBron drama, the content Czaban fans crave is at their fingertips. Nearly 40% of our respondents are subscribers, downloading their shows so they can listen on their terms – whether it’s in the car, at the gym, or at work. We also found that 60% are listening on their iPhone, primarily using the iOS podcast app.

Yahoo! Sports Radio’s audience also consumes multiple podcasts weekly. While almost all (98%) want sports content, they also enjoy comedy, entertainment, and business-related programming.

An Ideal Sponsor Environment

To these podcast fans it’s all about the host. While listeners are certainly seeking out this content to keep current on the latest sports news, it’s the personalities that keep them engaged and coming back for more. In fact, we’ve found that Yahoo! Sports Radio podcast listeners in general are far more receptive to host endorsements.

Czabe is a top-notch endorser for brands. In a world where consumers are becoming increasingly harder to reach, the power of a trust-worthy host in a one-to-one environment speaks volumes.

#AskAdLarge today how your brand can align with the power of Steve Czaban and the full lineup of YSR personalities!

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