• Annie Hunt

Marketing Mix: The Money Pit

The Money Pit has built a loyal DIY audience via its nationally syndicated home improvement radio show, online community and robust social following. Now hosts Tom and Leslie are ready to open their tool kit for your brand with seasonal and year-round promotions.

Coming up...Spring Cleaning! Spring cleaning is a concept that conjures up the same images of organizing, fixing, donating and discarding. Join Tom and Leslie as The Money celebrates this annual ritual with information, interviews, tips and even special deals from our sponsors. Delivery Elements • In-Show Editorial • Sponsored Promo Spots • Local Affiliate Tie-In • Tie-In to Pro-Social Donations • Sponsor Opportunities For Sampling • Online Elements • Retail Extensions • Extensions Through All Sponsor Advertising Sponsor Benefits • Engage your audience deeper with native content and high-impact sweepstakes • Generate buzz for your brand with social tie-ins • Receive multi-platform exposure and even target your key markets with local market overlays How can we make it work for you? All sponsorships are completely customizable to your needs.

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