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Digiversity: Write Awesome Podcast Copy

Congratulations, your brand is the latest sponsor of XYZ podcast! Now what? When it comes to the unique nature of the medium, one size creative does not fit all. Your national spot copy may not come across in a live personality read. Don’t panic, though! Here are three helpful tips to get the most impact from your copy.

1. One is the magic number. When it comes to crafting concise and effective copy, keep it simple and focus on the number one. Play to one emotion that you want the audience to feel. Pick one “big idea” to focus on. And don’t forget to identify one goal and what it would take to convince potential customers to take action. 2. Be approachable. Podcasts are personal, so speak to the audience on a 1-to-1 level. Don't talk down to them—make it easy for them to understand the product you’re selling, and why it would work for them. The general rule is to keep it at a 3rd grade reading level. 3. Trust the host. Let’s face it, no one likes to hear their favorite host read a canned script like a robot. Allow some wiggle room in your copy to let the host's personality shine through. They know their audience best and how to sell to them.

​If all else fails, have fun with it! AdLarge is here to help too. Focusing on client’s individual goals, we identify the perfect environment for your messaging.

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