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Content Spotlight: Jim Breuer Launches New Podcasts

Great podcasts, those that keep listeners coming back for more, have a good story to tell. Jim Breuer – successful stand-up comedian, Saturday Night Live alum and movie star – has embraced the art of storytelling in his latest role as a podcaster.

A Mets Super Fan Goes Super Viral As a diehard fan of the New York Mets, Jim was frustrated with the team’s direction and took to social media after every game with videos of his reaction. What happened next, no one could have predicted. The Mets made a tear through the regular and post seasons and Jim’s videos went viral. He was there at every moment telling his story and the story of the fans, generating hundreds of thousands of views. From Heavy Hitters to Heavy Metal Jim carries over that storytelling approach with two new podcasts, Mets and More and The Metal In Me. His other lifelong passion? Heavy Metal. Breuer has often incorporated loud music into his comedy stand-up, and so The Metal In Me podcast was born. It’s a comedy show celebrating the music he loves, but at the end of the day, it’s also about life and friendship. Every week Breuer is joined by his closest friends and fellow musicians. "I definitely, hands down, 100 percent am more comfortable around the rock guys because I just instantly feel like I relate to them much easier. We're not competing, there's no animosity, there's a general respect and a mutual respect for one another. I really enjoy being in the rock world. They're funny, 90 percent of them are funny. And they're guys that you would just hang out with and it's awesome." – Jim Breuer ​ It’s that passion that has enabled Jim and his co-hosts to create a funny yet accessible experience that fans and brands have been drawn to. The Metal In Me can be found every week across all major podcast platforms. The Mets and More will begin with the 2016 baseball season. Listen to Jim Here: The Metal In Me Mets and More

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