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Content Spotlight: #CUPodcast Delivers Gaming Fans

If you haven’t been living in a cave for the last few weeks, you already know that Pokémon Go has taken the streets by storm. (Our entire team – including our CEO – is somewhere right now, trying to catch them all!) The once marginalized geek and gaming culture is now one with mainstream pop culture, so the timing couldn’t be better for a podcast that covers all the bases and then some…enter the Completely Unnecessary Podcast!

Host Pat Contri is a gamer and writer, building his following as the NES Punk. He’s teamed up with his good friend and fellow gaming expert Ian Ferguson to produce a show that is not only for gamers, but by gamers. The #CUPodcast, as it’s more popularly known, delivers reviews, news, and discussion on everything pop culture – from movies to comics, new and retro games, and more. These guys are extremely relatable and keep the conversation entertaining, friendly, and casual. (And with the recent announcement of the Nintendo Classic Edition, there’s even more to talk about!)

#CUPodcast resonates with the increasingly hard to reach male audience, drawing 30,000 downloads per episode. And Pat's own YouTube channel has a crazy following of its own. (Now at over 203,000) Check out new episodes of #CUPodcast every other week on thepunkeffect.com, iTunes, Stitcher, and Google. And if you’re still confused about Pokémon and why everyone is trying to catch them, check out their episode on the latest craze ​here.

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