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Half of Americans Listen to Online Radio Weekly; Podcast Consumption Surges

Powered in part by the ever-expanding proliferation of smartphones, digital audio behaviors such as listening to online radio and podcasts are achieving significant mass usage, according to the Infinite Dial 2016, the latest in a long-running series of studies on consumer adoption of digital media from Edison Research and Triton Digital. The study finds that 50% of respondents age 12 and older listened to some sort of online radio in the last week. That’s a 44% increase over last year for an estimated 136 million weekly online listeners, 12+. Young demos exhibited even larger usage numbers with 73% of 12-24-year-old respondents reporting that they listened to online radio in the last week. Other highlights include:

  • 57% of Americans – an estimated 155 million people – listened to online radio monthly

  • Podcast listening showed sharp gains over last year on both a monthly basis to 57 million listeners (17% to 21%) and weekly to 35 million (10% to 13%)

  • An estimated 98 million people 12+ have ever listened to a podcast

  • Weekly podcast listeners average five podcasts per week

  • There is a correlation between the proliferation of smartphone ownership and growth of online and podcast listening

  • 64% of those who listen to podcasts listen on their smartphone or tablet

  • 37% of mobile phone owners have connected their device to their car for online listening

  • The growth of Internet-Connected TV’s to 60% of the population indicates a potential for increased online radio listening at home, as well

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