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At Large: Dispatch from Vegas

Our fearless leaders are fresh off the floor of the recent NAB Show and RAIN Summit West in Las Vegas. The annual conferences bring together more than 103,000 attendees from around the world to talk shop and tackle the big media issues for the coming year ahead.

"Audio continues to be a major component in the growth of the Internet of Things. RAIN allows us to ignite those conversations that grow the medium. The panels are solid, but the conversations outside the doors of the conference are what drive it even further. Being able to brainstorm with the best in the industry is what makes it possible to bring the best of audio to our clients.” – Jay Green, VP, Digital Content Partnerships

Here are our 3 takeaways from the event: 1. Radio’s reach story cannot be ignored As TV broadcast audiences dwindle, marketers need to find new ways to deliver consistent reach. The “Perception vs. Reality” panel discussion at the NAB Show dove deep into the facts and all signs point to radio. Radio’s 93% reach figure combined with advertising effectiveness studies from Nielsen demonstrate its true value. “We can now prove to an advertiser that not only are we reaching the audience but we’re moving the needle financially for them. Up until now we haven’t had that tool,” Radio Advertising Bureau CEO Erica Farber said. 2. The smartphone is a game-changer It’s hard to believe that 10 years ago we had no idea that Apple would change our lives with the iPhone (the first being sold in July 2007). Larry Rosin of Edison Research dove into the recent “Share of Ear” and “Infinite Dial” studies at the RAIN conference to show how omnipresent smartphones truly are. Americans now spend 2 hours a day listening to audio on their smartphones. More stats reveal that “3% of Americans sleep with smartphones in their hands. 35% reach for their phones, immediately upon waking.” 3. We must keep fearlessly embracing the “new” Recent research confirms radio’s dominance when it comes to in-car entertainment, but what will happen when the self-driving car arrives in the near future? As new technology enters the marketplace, rich, interactive audio experiences will be key in keeping the attention of autonomous car passengers. NAB CEO/President Gordon Smith wants to fight for audio’s rightful place in the car, “offering not just the radio everyone knows, loves and expects, but also providing our interactive experience for those listeners who desire it.”

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