• Guest Contributor: Patty Roloff – Senior National

At Large: Adventures of a NASCAR Novice

This year I was lucky enough to attend the Daytona 500 with AdLarge. While I’ve been to a lot of other sporting events, I’d never experienced a NASCAR race before. What a great first race to go to! I quickly learned how passionate NASCAR fans are and how contagious their enthusiasm is. My adventure started on Saturday, the day before the race, where I rode in a pace car that reached speeds of 130 miles per hour! I saw the garages and watched the pit crews as they got the cars ready for the big race. Then, I visited the MRN broadcast truck where I met the on-air talent and the rest of the team who help make the broadcasts possible.

On Sunday, I enjoyed a tour of the new facilities from the ISC staff. As we walked the speedway, I noticed how each sponsor used the space to bring their brand to life. After the tour, we actually walked the track where everyone was able to sign their names on the start/finish line. I walked through the International Speedway in awe of the amount of activity and was amazed by the number of fans that showed up hours before race time to enjoy all the activities the track offered. There was even a concert with Florida Georgia Line right in the center of the racetrack where I was also able to catch the parade of drivers pre-race.

Finally, it was time to go up to our suite where the group was able to enjoy food, drink and most importantly, the Race. During the race, I listened to the broadcast through headphones and could even change the frequency to hear any of the drivers. Two crashes happened right in front of our seats and so did the exciting final 10 seconds of the race – the closest finish in history! I left Daytona as a newly converted NASCAR fan.


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