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PR: AdLarge Media Expands Streaming Audio Ad Sales Platform with idobi Network

New York, NY – June 1, 2016 -- AdLarge Media has announced a digital ad sales agreement with its newest streaming content partner, idobi Network. Ranked the 6th digital radio destination in the U.S., idobi is focused on new music and artists and has been a touchstone for the alternative music culture and lifestyle for more than 15 years

​idobi’s hosts include some of the biggest tastemakers and influencers in alternative, metal, and punk rock, such as Patrick Langlois, Darrin Pfeiffer, Mike Herrera, Mike Gunz,and Sébastien Lefebvre, who, along with Simple Plan band

mate Chuck Comeau and Good Charlotte’s Joel Madden, is an owner. “Our partnership with idobi Network gives our advertisers the opportunity to combine the increasing strength of internet radio with the power of live-read personality endorsements,” said Yvonne Lacey, Vice President, Digital Sales Development for AdLarge Media. “We are excited to be able to bring this hard-to-reach audience to our advertisers in this engaging digital audio environment.” The curated music experience from idobi averages 5.5 million tune-ins per month and features flagship alternative-rock station idobi Radio, music and entertainment websiteidobi.com, plus heavy-rock station idobi Howl and indie-rock station idobi Anthm. “As Adlarge continues to expand its platform, it has become increasingly important to create content partnerships that deliver on all levels,” stated Jay Green, Vice President, Digital Content Partnerships for AdLarge Media. “idobi is a trendsetter with not only a youthful audience, but one that is fully invested and dedicated to its programming.” “As a frontrunner in digital audio ad sales, AdLarge is the perfect partner to help us grow our business,” stated Eddie Barella, Vice President of idobi Network. “We look forward to working with their experienced team.” About AdLarge Media (www.adlarge.com) AdLarge Media is the fastest-growing independent audio advertising sales company in the U.S., representing radio, digital, and mobile content providers. The company is at the forefront of advertising innovation, driving revenue at the intersection of content and technology with customized solutions that deliver a demonstrated return on investment in an ever-changing media landscape. AdLarge serves a large portfolio of agencies and brands, and is widely recognized for its collaborative partnerships. Founded in 2010 by industry leaders Gary Schonfeld and Cathy Csukas, AdLarge Media has offices in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Detroit. About idobi Network The idobi Network (idobi.com) provides a curated music experience focused on new music and artists. It includes idobi Radio, the Internet’s #1 alternative rock stream, winner of the 2014 RAIN Internet Radio Award for Best Single-Stream Webcaster. The idobi Network reaches over 5.5 million worldwide each month, making it one of the most listened to online broadcasting companies around the globe. The station’s average Time Spent Listening (TSL) far surpasses corporate giants like iHeartMedia and personalized streaming services like Pandora—all while remaining an independent company.

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