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AdLarge Media Signs Exclusive Radio Distribution Deal with Advanced Hiring Systems

New York, NY – August 3, 2015 -- AdLarge Media continues to escalate its distribution of radio content and services in its newest exclusive deal with Advanced Hiring Systems, the sales hiring process that takes the guesswork out of recruitment and hiring with predictive psychoanalytical models. Advanced Hiring Systems was designed by former radio manager and sales executive, Alan Fendrich.

“A poor hire costs radio stations money and time,” observes Jessica Sherman, Senior Director, Affiliate Marketing, AdLarge Media. “Alan has combined his expertise as a previous radio station executive with his proven profile assessment process to help managers hire the sales stars who will generate revenue.” The Advanced Hiring Systems three-step process begins with a recruitment ad that attracts the most qualified candidates. Two personality profile assessments – one to evaluate ‘values’ and a second to evaluate ‘style’ – distinguish the sales winners from the big talkers. Coaching on interviewing skills and techniques empowers managers with the insight to recognize the real sales champions. “AdLarge understands the challenges that radio managers face to meet and exceed budget --that’s why I chose them as my partner,” notes Alan Fendrich, Chief Executive Officer, Advanced Hiring Systems. “I designed Advanced Hiring Systems specifically to help managers find the best sales people, and the team at AdLarge knows how to deliver that message.” Chuck DuCoty, Chief Operating Officer of longtime client NRG Media states, “We have been using Advanced Hiring as a valuable tool in our sales recruitment and hiring for years. It saves valuable time by screening out poor candidates, saves us money by reducing turnover and generates revenue because we are hiring top performers." About AdLarge Media (www.adlarge.com) AdLarge Media is the fastest-growing independent audio advertising sales company in the U.S., representing radio, digital, and mobile content providers. The company is at the forefront of advertising innovation, driving revenue at the intersection of content and technology with customized solutions that deliver a demonstrated return on investment in an ever-changing media landscape. AdLarge serves a large portfolio of agencies and brands, and is widely recognized for its collaborative partnerships. Founded in 2010 by industry leaders Gary Schonfeld and Cathy Csukas, AdLarge Media has offices in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Detroit.


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