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audioBoom and AdLarge Announce The Exclusive Launch of "The Russell Brand Podcast"

audioBoom announced that it has signed an exclusive partnership with comedian, actor, and radio host Russell Brand to deliver twice-weekly comedy podcasts that are centered on Brand’s world views and general humor, delivered in the iconic Brand fashion. The Russell Brand Podcast is a 45-minute show that will be available on audioBoom every Wednesday and Sunday, beginning February 25th for a total of 24 podcast programs. audioBoom’s advertising sales partner, AdLarge Media, will identify advertising sponsorships and create customized packages for national clients.

Russell Brand stated, “Me and my sleeper-cell of radio mates are happy to get back on the air with audioBoom. Which sounds like terrorism in the earhole... Exciting.” Brand’s team includes writer Matt Morgan and poet laureate Mr. Gee. In addition to presenting and producing The Russell Brand Podcast, Brand will utilize the audioBoom app to record and publish his thoughts on the fly. audioBoom also exclusively will present The Best of The Trews audio from Brand’s popular YouTube channel. A 10-minute highlight package will be available on iTunes and broadcast across audioBoom’s unique global syndication network. The Russell Brand Podcast will be made into an hour-long show and syndicated to audioBoom broadcast partners in the UK, the US, and Australia. “I am ecstatic that audioBoom has managed to attract one of the world’s most talented entertainers,” said Robert Proctor, Chief Executive Officer of audioBoom. “This partnership not only will bring unique content to our platform and users, but it also will make us hugely attractive to the growing number of on-demand audio listeners around the world. I do not think it is any coincidence that Russell has chosen to release his latest material in an on-demand platform.” Jay Green, Vice President, Digital Sales & Content Partnerships, AdLarge Media added, “Russell Brand is one of those rare talents who combines comedy and entertainment with pure intelligence and raw emotion. We are excited for the opportunity Russell’s show brings to our brand investors.” The Russell Brand Podcast will be available at www.audioBoom.com/channel/RussellBrand About audioBoom audioBoom Group plc is an on-demand digital audio platform enabling the creation, broadcast and consumption of audio across multiple global media outlets. audioBoom works with some of the biggest names in broadcasting across sport, entertainment and current affairs to bring their content to millions of listeners worldwide via Facebook, Twitter and other media platforms. The technology allows partners to embed playlists onto their sites and apps, use our mobile apps and functionality as listen again players and re-syndicate their content around the web. audioBoom also allows the monetization of audio via the dynamic insertion of pre and post roll advertising into content as a user is listening, allowing contemporary advertising selection, depending on content genre and geographic location of the user. audioBoom has over 2,000 content partners around the world, including the BBC, The Telegraph, The Guardian, Associated Press, Sky Sports, Premier League, Southern Cross Austereo, Reuters, CNBC, Universal Music Group and Cumulus. About AdLarge Media AdLarge Media is the fastest-growing independent audio advertising sales company in the U.S., representing radio, digital, and mobile content providers. The company is at the forefront of advertising innovation, driving revenue at the intersection of content and technology with customized solutions that deliver a demonstrated return on investment in an ever-changing media landscape. AdLarge serves a large portfolio of agencies and brands, and is widely recognized for its collaborative partnerships. Founded in 2010 by industry leaders Gary Schonfeld and Cathy Csukas, AdLarge Media has offices in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Detroit.


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