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Local Radio Networks and AdLarge Form Exclusive Partnership for 24/7 Format Radio Network

Local Radio Networks, Inc. (LRN) has partnered with AdLarge Media to enter the 24/7 music radio format business, beginning with six initial offerings programmed to meet the needs of radio broadcasters. The first six formats are Adult Contemporary, Hot Adult Contemporary, Mainstream Country, Classic Country, Classic Rock, and Oldies, with additional formats to be added soon. AdLarge Media will provide exclusive national advertising sales representation for all of LRN’s 24/7 audio formats.

“LRN is not just entering the format business, they have elevated it with superior technology unprecedented localization, and unparalleled service,” exclaimed Gary Schonfeld, Co-Founder and Co-Chief Executive Officer, AdLarge. “The LRN platform delivers an opportunity for our national advertisers to connect with listeners in their hometowns, where they shop every day.”

LRN is designed to assist stations in becoming more profitable by reducing operating expenses while maximizing the local feel of every station (localization) with first class talent. This allows local station employees to spend more time on revenue-generating activities such as sales, promotions, and marketing.

“As an independent broadcaster, I know first hand that stations have suffered from bland cookie-cutter programming and deteriorating service as a result of consolidation,” explained Steve Swick, Chief Executive Officer, LRN and Owner, Swick Broadcasting. “I knew there was a better, more efficient way to conduct the business of format broadcasting, and that’s how LRN was born.” “When searching for a national advertising sales partner, I knew innately that AdLarge would be a good fit for LRN,” Swick continued. “I have an affinity for Gary and Cathy’s entrepreneurship, and their reputation for customizing national campaigns to maximize the benefits of specific radio formats is in alignment with LRN’s needs.”

LRN has assembled a dream team of highly regarded national radio operations, programming executives, and experienced on-air talent. Announced today are Former VP of Finance for Westwood One, Chad Seng, who will serve as LRN’s Chief Financial Officer as well as former Westwood One Format Sales Manager for 24/7 Formats, Rick Honea, who will serve as Regional Affiliate Sales Manager with LRN. The LRN team will be bolstered by a veritable who’s who of broadcasting to be revealed in a series of imminent announcements.

At the heart of LRN is a revolutionary VPN-based delivery technology known as RVC - RadioVelocity Control. RVC was developed over three years with input from local radio operators and broadcast engineers and has been implemented live for two years on stations across three states. “RVC is an extremely compelling alternative to costly and outmoded satellite delivery and puts control back in the hands of radio station owners and operators,” stated Will Mashione, CIO and Co-Founder of LRN. “RVC provides 100 percent redundancy, flexible clocks with no mandatory fill positions, and non-compressed music libraries. RVC can be utilized in a complete automation system provided by LRN or seamlessly with other automation systems,” added Mashione.

“LRN’s superior ability to provide transparency to advertisers through the proprietary RVC technology delivers the deep level of accountability that national advertisers need to increase their investment in radio,” stated Cathy Csukas, Co-Founder and Co-Chief Executive Officer, AdLarge. “The quality programming from LRN, combined with the advanced technology, enhances radio’s ability to compete in the overall media landscape.”

“As a station group we were dissatisfied with the flexibility, usability, and increasing stagnation of the existing 24/7 Formats technology,” added Swick. “We leveraged our considerable engineering and programming expertise to build our own system to share music, personalities, commercials, and other essential localized elements."

Please reach out to LRN affiliate sales to schedule a demo and reserve a format: +1 (720) 689-1099, info@localradionetworks.com, or www.localradionetworks.com. About Local Radio Networks (www.localradionetworks.com) Local Radio Networks, Inc. is a Michigan limited liability company that provides 24/7 radio programming to small and medium market stations, helping them reduce operating costs and maximize localized content. Steve Swick is the CEO of Local Radio Networks and currently owns and operates Swick Broadcasting Company including eight AM & FM radio stations, Swick Holdings Inc. consisting of commercial real estate, as well as ZipSpider.com Inc. a wireless internet service provider – all located in Indiana, Michigan and Ohio.


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