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AdLarge Media Partners with Hotspot.fm For Exclusive National Ad Sales Representation

Hotspot.fm’s Mobile Platform Design Enriches a Seamless Listener and Advertiser Experience

AdLarge Media has partnered with Hotspot.fm, the newest music streaming service to hit the U.S., for exclusive national advertising sales representation. Rather than the traditional technology that has driven streaming audio since its launch more than a decade ago, Hotspot.fm is mobile-centric and designed specifically for the way today’s consumers access the music they want to hear.

The user-friendly player offers a richer interactive experience for listeners, including more personalized control of music selections and stations, and easier navigation and sharing via social media. The much-heralded “carousel” delivers deeper brand integration opportunities for advertisers, including 2D or 3D visual campaigns, promotions, click-through coupons, customizable background images, wallpapers, skins, custom audio messages, and branded stations.

“Hotspot.fm is a game-changer in the music streaming experience for listeners and advertisers,” stated Jay Green, Vice President, Digital Sales and Content Partnerships, AdLarge Media. “The Hotspot.fm approach to blending the listener and branding experiences is one of the most revolutionary to hit the marketplace.”

“AdLarge Media is the perfect partner for representing Hotspot.fm to national advertisers,” noted Pekka Lietoff, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Hotspot.fm. “The AdLarge team understands the unique advertiser benefits of our platform, and they have the creativity to craft campaigns that take full advantage of the Hotspot.fm platform. We are very excited about moving forward with AdLarge Media as we expand our reach across the U.S.”

About Hotspot.fm (www.Hotspot.fm) The Hotspot.fm stream music service was founded in Finland in 2012. Designed for smart phones and tablet computers, it offers hundreds of thousands artists and nearly 30 million songs in a touch screen optimized visual environment. With an exceptionally easy user experience, the streaming music service stands out from the crowd by providing the best usability in the world.


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